Sonar Bangla Train Ticket Price With Train Schedule

Are you looking for Sonar Bangla Train Ticket Price or Train Schedule? Don’t worry, You will get all information about Sonar Bangla Train ticket price with Schedule.Sonar Bangla Express train is the recent collection of Bangladesh railway. It is an intercity train service to Bangladesh railway. People have so many curiosities about this train. Today here we are to inform you all the information about Sonar Bangla express train time schedule and ticket price. All the information are collected from Bangladesh Railway website.

Sonar Bangla Train Details

Sonar Bangla express train runs on the Dhaka-Chittagong route. It has joined the Bangladesh Railway family in 2016. It is a non-stop intercity train service. There is another non-stop intercity train service on the same route named Subarna Express. Subarana was started its journey in 1998.

Sonar Bangla Train Ticket Price

Sonar Bangla Train Ticket Price

Sonar Bangla express train has 16 cars which included canteen, power car and prayer room. The train only stops once in Airport railway station on its journey time. It takes only 5 hours 40 minutes to reach Chittagong from Dhaka or to Dhaka from Chittagong.

The total number of seats in Sonar Bangla express train is 746. There are three types of seat arrangement on this luxury train. They are AC berth, Shovon Chair and Snigdha AC (chair).

Sonar Bangla Train Schedule

Sonar Bangla express train operates service both from Dhaka and Chittagong railway station. It has certain but different departure time from both Dhaka and Chittagong railway station. All time table are given according to the latest schedule from Bangladesh Railway.

Dhaka to Chittagong Schedule

Sonar Bangla express starts its journey from Kamalapur railway station at 7 am and reach its destonation Chittagong railway station at 12:40 pm. It is a non-stop service but take a very short break at airport railway station to pick up some passengers. Dhaka to Chittagong service is available 6 days in a week. Saturday is the off day of sonar Bangla express train.

Chittagong to Dhaka Schedule

Sonar Bangla express train has only one train on its hand. So it has to rotate its journey from Chittagong to Dhaka with same cars. Sonar Bangla express train leaves Chittagong railway station at 5 pm and reaches its destination kamalapur railway station at 10:40 pm. Though it is a non-stop service it takes a little break at airport railway station at about 10:08 pm. Chittagong to Dhaka route is also available for 6 days in a week except for Saturday.

Sonar Bangla Train ticket price

Sonar Bangla express train is the most luxurious train in Bangladesh. So the price of sonar Bangla express train is relatively high. It has three categories of ticket. Each category of ticket has certain price.

  • AC seat costs 1100 Tk
  • Snigdha AC costs 1000 Tk
  • SHovon Chair costs 600 Tk

The ticket price is included with food price which will be provided to the passengers during the journey time.

How to Buy the Train Ticket

You can buy the ticket by going to the railway stations physically. But there are easier alternative ways to buy train ticket. You can buy the sonar Bangla express train ticket through mobile phone and internet.

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