Maitree Express Train Schedule Dhaka to Kolkata 2020

The railway connection between Bangladesh and India is very much strong. The connection was closed for many years but fortunately, it is open now since 2008. By bus, by airway, you can go to India (Kolkata). And you can also go by railway and this route is most preferable now.

A large number of people are visiting India from Bangladesh every day. And most of them use train route because of exceptional experience and excellent train service. Yes, Maitree Express has a good reputation and really its service is different to the other trains.

If you are looking for Dhaka to Kolkata train schedule, you are in the right place. Here, we tried to give you the best and all the necessary information that can take you one step ahead to the others. Keep reading for that information and make the trouble-free journey.

Maitree Express Train Schedule

Every day per week except Thursday, Maitree Express runs from Dhaka. So, you can go India any day as your choice but not on Thursday. But, the train runs a different day bearing different train number. Take a look at the table.

Days to run with train number

DayTrain No/ Rake

The train leaves Dhaka every day at the same time. Yes, remember it. At the same time the train starts from Dhaka and at the same time, it will reach Kolkata. But, here we draw a table that says where the train will stop and where the immigration will take place.

Time schedule

Custom & ImmigrationTimeStationTimeCustom & Immigration
08.15 (BST)Dhaka Cantonment18.05 (BST)
13.50 (BST) TO 14.50 (BST13.50 (BST) 14.50(BST) 14.20( ISTDarsana12.35 (BST)12.35 (BST)
11.35 (BST)To
11.05 (IST)11.35 (BST)
14.30 (IST) TO 16.00 (IST)15.00 (BST) 14.30 (IST) 16.00 (IST)Gede10.55 (IST)10.55 (IST)
09.25 (IST)
18.10 (ISTKolkata07.10 (IST)

Ticket price

You cannot carry any Bangladeshi currency to India and you also don’t carry Indian currency when comeback Bangladesh. You can carry the United States dollar. So, here we provide the ticket price in dollar.

  • AC 1st Class Cabin – 20 USD
  • AC 1st Class Chair – 12 USD

You should add an additional 15% VAT and 500 tk travel tax with the ticket price.

The above ticket price is for the adult. If you have kids below 5 years, the railway authority offers you to purchase your adorable kid’s ticket at 50% off. Yes, this is really a good opportunity for you and your family.

Maitree Express seat capacity

Seat capacity is the same for both Bangladeshi and Indian trains. When you start from Dhaka for Kolkata and when you leave Kolkata for Dhaka, the seating capacity and seat types are all the same. Total seat capacity is 456.

Type of SeatNumber of Seats
AC First Cabin144
AC Chair312
Free luggage allowance and extra charge when excess

You can carry a total of 35 kg against an adult ticket where the child ticket allows 20 kg. We think this is really enough. The authority also provides you to carry extra weight. But, you need to pay extra money for the extra weight.

35kg to 50 kg you have to pay 2 USD/kg. But, when the 50 kg limit is exceeded then you have to pay 10 USD/ kg. So, it’s better to bracket the weight within 35 kg. You can carry a maximum 2 luggage and extra luggage is not allowed.


Maitree Express train service is one of the best train services in Bangladesh. And this is why the train is so popular to the India-Bangladesh travelers. Remember, you cannot buy Maitree Express train ticket online. To purchase the ticket you should submit your passport, visa, and other necessary papers to the ticket counter. But, the ticket is available. Are you ready to get the best train journey?

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