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HSC Result 2019 Bangladesh! Dear students, Get your HSC Result 2019 from educationboardresults.gov.bd. See HSC Exam Result Publish Date for all education board Bangladesh. HSC Exam Result 2019 Bangladesh will be published on  23 July 2019 By educationboardresults.gov.bd. A large number of students will participate in this exam and this is one of the most important Board exams amongst all the board.Then you can easily get your HSC Exam Result 2019 from porashuna.net page for all general education board of Bangladesh (Chittagong Board, Dhaka Board, Rajshahi Board, Sylhet Board, Barisal Board, Comilla Board, Dinajpur Board, Jessore Board, Madrasa Board and Technical Board).

HSC Result 2018 Bangladesh Education Board HSC Exam Result

HSC Result 2019 Bangladesh

Wow! HSC Result 2019 Bangladesh has been published. Check it out from this page.After ending the HSC exam 2019 BD, the result will be published usually within three months. In this three months, the paper of the students whose were seating in the exam is checked by two levels. At first, an examiner checks the paper, then the head examiner. Then the head examiner sends the exact number of paper to the board. Then by collecting all the number of all papers of a student, make the mark sheet.

HSC/Alim/Equivalent Result 2019

Roll No151934NameNASRIN AKTER
TypeREGULARDate of Birth05/05/1994
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When HSC Result 2019 will publish (date)?

HSC Exam Result 2019 will be published on July 2019 . The HSC Exam Result has published on 23 July.Most Potential on 19th August 2019. You will get all update notification about HSC Exam Result 2019 Bangladesh from our porashuna.net website.So stay with us and browse our site regularly.

HSC refers to Higher Secondary Certificate. This is the two years journey for the students and like all other Board exams, it has some procedures to process than the result. For the students, HSC / SSC / JSC / PSC is a battlefield. Where every student is a soldier. Every soldier targets the GPA-5.00. That’s why there is so much competition in all board exam.

How to Get  HSC Exam Result 2019 BD?

HSC Result 2018

HSC Result 2019

Search HSC Result 2019 Bangladesh online [Not published yet]

How we get the result on every board so all the boards have their individual process. But the main process is same.Now we are going to describe these procedure step by step

  • Step#1:  Examination: HSC/Alim
  • Step#2:  Year: 2019
  • Step#3:  Board: Dhaka
  • Step#4:  Roll: type your Roll number. like: 459475
  • Step#5:  7+9: This verification is dynamic and changes every reload.

HSC Exam Result 2019 by mobile SMS?

HSC result 2018 by SMS

You can get easily all Board HSC result 2019 by SMS.To get HSC Exam Result 2019 in mobile SMS please follow below method:

  1. RULE#1: At first, Go to your mobile message option
  2. RULE#2: Type- HSC/Alim <space> Board name 1st letter <space> Roll no <space> 2019
  3. RULE#3: Then send to 16222

If you can not understand please see example below:

For Examples: For HSC Result 2019 – Type HSC DHA 498734 2019

Alim Result 2019 –  Type Alim MAD 528745 2019 send to 16222

For Technical Result 2019 – Type HSC TEC 516363 2015 send to 16222

HSC Result All Bangladesh Education Board

After passing primary and secondary level Students have to encounter HSC for making them worthy of Tertiary level. Like Secondary level higher secondary level also divided into three groups. Though there is a controversy with the questionnaires licking but the education board of Bangladesh has been trying to demolish these kinds of heinous deeds and ensuring the pure result processing. In our country, there are 8 education boards including one technical board and one madrasa board.

HSC Exam Result 2017 Grading system

Letter gradeMarksGrade point

They are given below:

  • Dhaka Education Board Bangladesh
  • Chittagong Education Board Bangladesh
  • Comilla Education Board Bangladesh
  • Rajshahi Education Board Bangladesh
  • Barisal Education Board Bangladesh
  • Jessore Education Board Bangladesh
  • Dinajpur Education Board Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Technical Board Bangladesh
  • Dhaka Madrasa Board Bangladesh

All these boards are controlled by the education ministry. When the exam finish all the answer sheet are been sent to the master trainer teacher to check and for distributing mark. Then these answer sheets rechecked and submitted to their respective board. A meeting is held in the ministry office with the presence of Education Minister Mr. Nurul Nahid and thus the result is getting ready to publish.

HSC Result 2019 in Dhaka Education Board

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh and undoubtedly the number of participating students is more than other boards. In this year most probably the number of the HSC examinee is 3 lakh 37 thousand 19. And the students under Dhaka board possessed the highest in number among the average. So, on the result publishing day, there is a heart throbbing tamper all over the city. Students can get their faster than any other process from our website. They can get it from Dhaka Board official website by putting their roll no and reg. no. The mark sheet also will be published at the official website of Dhaka Education Board. Then the students will get this result by following the steps.

  • At first, they have to enter the official website of Dhaka Education Board. The website of Dhaka Education Board is dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd
  • Then you have to select the option HSC Result 2019 Dhaka board.
  • Then a form will give to you which you have to fill up l for getting your result. In this form usually, you are asked to Roll No, Reg. No etc. The form is given bellow.
  • After filling up the form you will click the submit option for getting the HSC result.
  • Then you get your HSC result Dhaka board easily.
  • Another option is via SMS. You can get your result via SMS BY sending your Roll and Reg. no to the number you were asked to. Then in reply, you will get your result.

HSC Result 2019 in Chittagong Education Board

Chittagong is also most important board after Dhaka. The number of participating students under this board is huge and so many prominent colleges there in the city. The result processing of this board is not very different from the other boards. So, in order to get your result soon you have to visit our website www.bise-ctg.gov.bd.and we ensure you that you will have your result sooner than any other processes. The official website of Chittagong board also published the result but still, there is some process besides these two processes. These are:

  • At first, you have to enter the official website of Chittagong Education Board. The website of Chittagong Education Board is www.bise-ctg.gov.bd.
  • Then you have to select the option HSC Result 2019 Chittagong board.
  • Fill up the form that given to you for getting your result. There you may be asked to put your Roll and REG. NO.
  • After filling up the form you will click the submit option for getting the HSC result.

Another option is getting result via SMS. You will get an information from various SIM company by a message and in this message, they will ask you to send your Roll and REG no to a certain number and the procedure of sending these requirements will be instructed in information message.

HSC Result 2019 in Comilla Education Board

Comilla is another prominent education board among the other Education Boards of Bangladesh. There are a large number of famous institution in this district and if we evaluate the performance we can easily say that the average result percentage is very well of this board. So with a view to getting your result sooner than any other boards visit our website first and we have a clear assurance for you that we provide the result faster than any other processes you are plan to follow. Like other education board, Comilla board also has an official website and you can also get your result from there. For that first of all, you have to log in there and have to fill up the form you are given to accurately. The following steps will be:

  • At first, they have to enter the official website of Comilla Education Board. The website of Comilla Education Board is  www.comillaboard.gov.bd.
  • Select the HSC Result 2019 Comilla Board Option.
  • Put your Roll and REG no.
  • Click submit.
  • Then you get your HSC result easily.

HSC Result 2019 in Rajshahi Education Board

Rajshahi board is another important and prominent education board. A noticeable number of students from many famous institutions participate in HSC exam every year and the performance of this board claim a standard figure in an average. Getting and process result under this board hasn’t a distinct difference from other education board. The steps through which you can get your result faster are given below.

  • Visit our website firs to get your result fast.
  • At first, they have to enter the official website of Rajshahi Education Board. The website of Rajshahi Education Board is www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd
  • Then you have to select the option HSC Result 2019 Rajshahi board.
  • Put the requirements you are been asked to put accurately.
  • You can get your result via SMS. In this process, you have to send all the required information to a number sent to you and the process of sending requirements.Will be instructed. In reply, you will get your result.

HSC Result 2019 in Barisal Education Board

The literacy rate of this division is increasing day by day. Every year a large number of students under this Board sit for their HSC exam by keeping pace with other boards.Barisal education board also publish their result on their official website but if you want to get your result as soon as possible visit our website first www.barisalboard.gov.bd. We are bound to give you to correct HSC Result 2019 Barisal board and if you face any problem to get your result from our website comment on the comment box or contact us. We will fix it very soon.

HSC Result 2019 in Jessore Education Board

Jessore education board will their HSC result on their Official website. Besides you can’t get your result soon from our website instead of getting result one or two days later from your respective institutions. Nowadays it is very easy to get any board EXAM including HSC or any competitive exam’s result in online.SO, don’t waste your time, get your HSC Result 2019 Jessore Board as soon as possible from our website www.jessoreboard.gov.bd.

HSC Result 2019 in Dinajpur Education Board

Like other Education board Dinajpur division also has some prominent college and the huge number of students every year.A huge number of students such as in 2019 the number of the HSC examinee has estimated 5 lakh By checking their all papers correctly the mark sheet of every student will be ready at first. Then by their roll no and reg. no, the mark sheet will be published at the official website of Dinajpur Education Board. Then the students will get this result by following the steps.

  • At first, they have to enter the official website of Dinajpur Education Board. The website of Dinajpur Education Board is www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd.
  • Being an HSC examinee you have to select HSC Result 2019 Dinajpur Board among the other board exam name.
  • Some basic information should be given as you asked to give but be sure the information you have given is accurate.
  • After click submit, Your result will display

HSC Result 2019 in Bangladesh Technical Education Board

The technical board is unique from the both education system and result processing sides. A practical workshop beside the text related study is obvious in this system and it is the part and parcel of our education system. As it is a different track so the number of students under this board is not as huge as general education boards but the priority level is the same.

They are not divided in the group like general system rather tertiary education system is followed by that means several Departments are included and students have to complete their diploma by passing semesters in this    To get the Diploma result fast a very easy way are available among those getting a result from online is very popular. Visit our website to get your Diploma result faster than any other website or process. Apart from you can get your result from your board official website which is www.bteb.gov.bd.Diploma result also can be collected via SMS BY following the same procedure given for getting HSC result.

HSC result 2019 in Dhaka Madrasa Board

Madrasah board is not less important than general’s boards because majority persons of our country is Muslim and this education system the teaching of Islamic lifestyle and Arabic grammar including the general national curriculum texts. The name of the higher secondary level of this education board is “Alim” which is an Arabic term. The number of students is not quite less than the general boards if compare it as a single board. This education board also has an official website where they will publish Alim exam results.

Any mobile operating services can provide this service that means they can help the mass people to get the result by this procedures: type Alum<space> The First Three Letters Education Board <space> Roll Number <space> Year and send to 16222. By sending this message you can get your Alim result easily.


Summary HSC Result 2019 Bangladesh

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