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HSC Exam Result 2017 BD Published Breaking News! Hi, Students Your HSC Result 2019 Bangladesh Will be published on 23 July 2019 at the official site of Education board and it is available here for you. This content is especially important for the HSC examinee and for their guardian so it is important to know first of all that weather this article is helpful for you or not. If you are in this category, read the whole article carefully and don’t feel any hesitation to gain any information and news about HSC RESULT 2019 BANGLADESH which will publish online on may 11 so that you can collect all your needed documents alongside the result. We have précised all the expected information step by step so that you can get it easily. So don’t waste your time just read the article attentively to learn more about the Education Board Result.


HSC Result 2019 All Education Board Bangladesh

  1. Dhaka Board
  2. Sylhet Education
  3. Dinajpur education board.
  4. Comilla Board HSC
  5. Rajshahi Board
  6. Technical Education Board
  7. Chittagong Education Board
  8. Barisal Board
  9. Jessore Board
  10. Madrasah board

All the information About HSC exam results in details

HSC or higher secondary certificate exam is one of the largest exams in Bangladesh. After passing PSC Result, JSC  Result AND SSC Result the students have to sit for the examination. So it is the step that they have to cross for their tertiary education. So it is very important for the student life undoubtedly. So HSC is a public examination like SSC AND JSC. AS the students were not so much concerned about the public exam and its terms and condition in their primary stages so they sometimes face problem to encounter examination Like HSC.

The HSC exam examination 2017 started on the 1st April 2019 and finished on 9th may 2019. The examination actually maintained and controlled by the “chairman of education board of Bangladesh”. Among the ten education of Bangladesh 8 boards are in general and rest of the 2 boards are the little bit different in the term of the curriculum. The other 2 boards are Madrasah board and technical board or vocational board.

This article is all about the ten boards, websites, HSC EXAM RESULT PUBLISHED DATE and some other information about Bangladesh education board and their conducting systems.

HSC Result 2019 Bangladesh Publish Date

We don’t know that if you have already known the HSC result publishing date. If you have known than well, or don’t know the lea we inform you. When does the HSC exam will publish? This is the most frequently asked question but no one can the specific answer yet. You are lucky that you are going to have all the information in one article and it is our pleasure that we can help you with your desired issues. We have informed you that the HSC exam result 2019 BD started on1st April 2017 and will be finished on 9th may 2019. Now the question is when does the HSC exam result publish? In reply to this question before mentioning any specific publishing date we should that every board exam result generally published after 90 days from the exam finishing date. So we can guess that the HSC exam result will be published in the second or third week of the month May 2019. Yet, there is no date has been announced from the education ministry so we cannot provide you any approximate or false result publishing date as we have no safe and standard source. But we are bound to inform you the specific result publishing date as soon as we get it. We have mentioned earlier it here for you. So it’s better to you to bookmark this page on your browser. And check it after a few days frequently.

How to get HSC Result 2019 from the Internet?

Lots of students usually lost their temperature on the result publishing day. And they enter lots of false pages and get the false result which makes chaos among the guardians. But it is very easy to get the HSC exam result 2019 on the result publishing day on the internet. You can collect your result instantly from the official website of Bangladesh education board. In this digital era the internet can make your life easy so you need not wait for your result all the day long, internet don’t need to wait eagerly when does the result will reach in the school office and you will get it. This analog era has finished and nowadays you can get your result from the internet just by putting your Roll and registration number.

Just go to web browser and type into your address bar and enter the website. After entering the website you would be asked to put your Roll and reg. no into the empty box and there would be tow option in the below where you would notice submit option. After putting all the requirements click on the submit and very soon your result would appear in front of your eyes. One thing is mentionable that, on this day lots of students are trying to get their result from this website for this the website may remain busy and it will show you error once or twice, in that case, please don’t give keep trying frequently you will have your result surely. For your better understanding I am going to show you the full process of getting HSC exam result in online step by step:

  1. Step#1: Firstly login into the Official Education Board Website.
  2. Step#2: Then select “HSC/Dakhil/Equivalent exam” whichever you belong to from the option.
  3. Step#3: Then select your passing year that is “2019”.
  4. Step#4: Then select your board that means under which board you has finished your exam.
  5. Step#5: Now put your Roll NO
  6. Step#6: Then put Registration number too. [It is new option]
  7. Step#7: Fill the “Captcha code.” It is must and while filling it you should be careful.

Lastly, click on submit the result will appear in on the next page.

Get your HSC Result 2019 through Mobile SMS

It is another famous alternative to get your HSC exam result quickly by SMS. For this operation, you need not anything especial. Just a mobile phone with a SIM card. People are far away from the internet or who are not used to this option for them. Keep sufficient balance on our SIM account and go to your phone message option.

Then type HSC>SPACE>Your Roll>space>your board> passing year and send it to 1622 number.

You will get a reply very soon with your result with your GPA. Don’t send it before publishing the Result it will work if only you send it after publishing the result. Generally, the education publishes the result after 2.00pm. The message will coast 2.50 TK. (with vat+ SD+SC).

For instance:  Type HSC <–Space–> DIN <–Space–> 123456 <–Space–> 2017 and send to 16222 this number. (Here DIN is the first three letter of your board name)

  • SMS Format For HSC Students Of General Board

HSC <space> short code of the board (First three letter of board name) <space> Roll number (From your Admit card) <space> 2017 (examination year). Send to 16222.

For example: if you are studying under Comilla Board and your roll number is 1478220, send message to 16222:”HSC COM 1478220 2017″


  • SMS Format For Madrasah Educational Board For Alim Examinee

ALIM <space> MAD <space> Roll number (From your Admit card) <space> 2019 (examination year) . Send to 16222.

For example:ALIM MAD 1478220 2017 and send to 16222.

  • SMS Format For Candidate Of Technical Board Exam

HSC <space> TEC <space> Roll number (From your Admit card) <space> 2017 (examination year). Send to 16222.

For example: send HSC TEC 1478220 2017 to the number 16222.


Check All Board HSC Result 2019 By Mobile SMS

Dinajpur Board HSC Result 2019: HSC DIN 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Comilla Board HSC Result 2019: HSC COM 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Dhaka Board HSC Result 2019: HSC DHA 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Barisal Board HSC Result 2019: HSC BAR 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Chittagong Board HSC Exam Result 2019: HSC CHI 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Sylhet Board HSC Result 2019: HSC SYL 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Rajshahi Board HSC Exam Result 2019: HSC RAJ 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Jessore Board HSC Result 2019: HSC JES 123456 2017 and send to 16222 number

Madrasha Board HSC Result 2019: HSC MAD3456 2017 and send to 16222 number


Get your HSC Exam Result by Android app

A very easy process for the Android users. People who use Android or smartphone can easily get the HSX exam result by downloading the “BD result app” from the play store. The process of getting the result is orderly précised into this app. It is a very easy process and you can get your result from anywhere but remember internet connection we need for this.

Last Word

We write content in order to help the students with giving information and instructing the processes. If they are able to solve their problem by following the contents our effort will be successful. Finally, for any kind of information if required regarding HSC EXAM RESULT 2019 BD please let us know. We will try our best to solve your problem by giving any kind of information and instruction. The result will be published very soon and an urge to you not to collect your result from any unknown website and please wait until the education board publishes the result on their official website. Happy study, stay well.

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