Ekota Express Train Schedule, Ticket Price & Experiences

The train journey is always enjoyable and memorable also. You only fully agree with the previous sentence if you have previous train journey experience. But, when the train is better than the other typical train, what will be the experience? Can you imagine?

Ekota Express Train Schedule

All the train service is definitely not the same. Some of the trains are much time better and the experience is with that train journey is really exceptional.

Yes, we are talking about Ekota Express. This is one of the luxurious trains in Bangladesh and its service much time better than the other train. This train is considered as one of the best trains in Bangladesh. And the train runs on the Dhaka-Dinajpur route. Traveling by this train means you are traveling with the best traveling service on this route.

We seat to write all the necessary information of Ekota Express train schedule. The train also gives break to some stations. If you are looking for the Ekota Express train schedule, you are in the right place and stay with us.

Route of Ekota Express

Ekota Express runs on the Dhaka-Dinajpur route. It starts from Dhaka when its destination is Dinajpur and reversely it comes to Dhaka leaving Dinajpur railway station. It goes through Gazipur, Tangail, Nature, Joypurhat, and finally reach to Dinajpur. It also comes back Dhaka from Dinajpur following the same route.

Ekota Express Train Schedule

Ekota Express, the intercity train it is! It leaves Dhaka for Dinajpur with the number 705 and when it reaches Dhaka from Dinajpur the number changes to 706. It is almost available for every day except Tuesday. But, there is another train on this route namely Drutojan Express. Drutojan Express runs Tuesday. Though Ekota Express has one off day per week, you can go to Dinajpur every day by traveling with Drutojan Express once per week.

Train NoTrain NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
705Ekota ExpreeTuesday10.00 AMDhaka06.50 PMDinajpur
706Ekota ExpressMonday11.00 PMDinajpur08.10 AMDhaka

Ekota Express Stoppage station

The destination of Ekota Express is Dinajpur but you can also go to many places by Ekota Express. The train gives stoppage to various stations and you can get down where you need and you can also get into the train from various stations. Here we provide all the stoppage stations when it starts from Dhaka as well as when it leaves from Dinajpur with departure time of those stations.

Stoppage stations from Dhaka

StationsDeparture Time
Dhaka10.00 AM
Biman Bandar Station10.32 AM
Joydevpur11.03 AM
Tangail12.04 PM
M Monsur Ali01.05 PM
Natore03.02 PM
Santahar04.10 PM
Akkelpur04.39 PM
Joypurhat04.59 PM
Birampur05.17 PM
Phulbari05.32 PM
Parbatipur06.32 PM
Dinajpur06.50 PM

Stoppage Stations from Dinajpur

StationsDeparture Time
Dinajpur11.00 PM
Parbatipur11.59 PM
Phulbari12.22 AM
Birampur12.37 AM
Joypurhat01.13 AM
Akkelpur01.19 AM
Santahar01.50 AM
Natore01.56 AM
Tangail05.03 AM
Joydevpur06.05 AM
Biman Bandar06.28 AM
Dhaka08.10 AM

Ticket price

Ticket price depends on the facilities of the seats. Here we provide ticket price of every stoppage from Dhaka to Dinajpur. Hopefully, this figure greatly helps you.

From Dhaka toTicket Price (Tk)   
AC BerthFirst BerthShovon ChairShovon
Banga Bandhu Bridge375250125105

Facilities of Ekota Express

The train gives some facilities for their passenger. And the train is almost always neat and clean for their passenger comfort. The train has a prayer room, food compartment, strong security, multiple numbers of closets, and so on. The train is also punctual and it does not delay any station over the limited time. The most importantly, there are many categories seats in the train for the passenger choice. After all, this is really a luxurious train in Bangladesh.

Summary Line

Ekota Express is undoubtedly one of the best trains of Bangladesh and its service is also superior quality. The train gives you all the advantages that you expect from a train journey. Its service is good and most of the people also say it. But, how are your experience and opinion? Hope, you will surely share your experience with us.

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