Drutojan Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2020

An intercity train service is always better than mail train. Now, we are writing to help you by giving you all the information about Drutojan Express. Yes, it is an intercity train. The train runs on the Dhaka-Dinajpur route.

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Dhaka to Dinajpur is really long distance. To reach from Dhaka to Dinajpur by bus is really frustrating because it takes too much time. And, the condition is really boring when the bus does not move at all because of jam on the road. That is why a large number of people travel via railway and it reaches you at the right time.

In this route, you can see another intercity train “Ekota Express”. These two trains cover all the travelers of this route. Drutojan Express runs six days per week and it does not run on Wednesday. But, Ekota Express runs on this day. So, you can travel seven days per week.

Train schedule

Drutajan Express start from Kamalapur railway station and it stops at Dinajpur. And a few hours later it leaves Dinajpur for Dhaka. Time schedule is really perfect of the train. It leaves Dhaka at early night and reaches Dinajpur at early morning. You’ve got the experience of night train journey. On the other hand, the train leaves Dinajpur in the morning and reaches Dhaka in the evening. You passed the whole day journey by train. So, you’ve got both night and day journey experience.

Dhaka to Dinajpur

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
757Drutojan ExpressWednesday08.10 PMDhaka05.00 PMDinajpur

Dinajpur to Dhaka

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
757Drutojan ExpressWednesday08.10 AMDinajpur05.55 PMDhaka

Stoppage Stations

The train gives break to some important stations where people get up to the train and reversely get down from it. We mention here all the stations with departure time where the train gives break during the journey.

Stoppage stations when the train comes from Dhaka

StationsDeparture Time
Biman Bandar08.12 PM
Joydebpur08.45 PM
Bangabandhu Setu10.34 PM
Chatmohar11.40 PM
Natore12.53 AM
Santahar01.55 AM
Accalpur02.20 AM
Joypurhat02.40 AM
Birampur03.12 AM
Phulbari03.27 AM
Parbatipur04.20 AM

Stoppage stations when the train comes from Dinajpur

StationsDeparture Time
Cirir Bandar09.36 AM
Parbatipur10.15 AM
Phulbari10.44 AM
Birampur10.58 AM
Panchbibi11.21 AM
Joypurhat11.34 AM
Accalpur11.51 AM
Santahar12.15 PM
Natore01.08 PM
Ishurdi Bypass01.38 PM
Chatmohar02.02 PM
Jamtoli02.47 PM
Bangabandhu Setu03.46 PM
Tangail04.08 PM
Joydebpur05.10 PM
Biman Bandar Station05.37 PM

Ticket Price

The train offers you many classes of seats and the ticket price also depends on the different categories of seats. The better the seat the better will be the price. You should purchase ticket from the counter or you can also purchase from online. Here, we mention three categories ticket price of the stoppage stations.

Station-wise ticket price

StationsAC BerthFirst BerthShovon Chair
Joydebpur120 tk100 tk40 tk
Tangail315 tk210 tk105 tk
Bangabandhu Setu375 tk250 tk125 tk
Chatmohar750 tk500 tk250 tk
Ishurdi Bypass805 tk540 tk270 tk
Natore885 tk590 tk295 tk
Santahar990 tk660 tk330 tk
Accalpur1035 tk690 tk345 tk
Joypurhat1070 tk715 tk360 tk
Panchbibi1095 tk730 tk365 tk
Birampur1150 tk765 tk385 tk
Phulbari1175 tk758 tk395 tk
Parbatipur1215 tk810 tk405 tk
Dinajpur1295 tk855 tk430 tk

Bottom Line

The train journey is always better. The journey can be best when the train gives you more facilities such as prayer room, air-conditioned seat, food compartment, toilet, and so on. Drutojan Express ensures all the facilities for their passengers. The train also reaches every station within the given time. So we hope, your train journey will be more enjoyable and comfortable with Drutojan Express.

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