Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule and Ticket Price 2019

Tangail is a well-known district. The district is the largest district in Dhaka division. But, according to the population, its place is at second. Tangail has strong communication with the capital city Dhaka. By road and rail route both are good for the communication. But, when you need to travel quickly and comfortable way, the first choice should be train route.

The city Tangail was a part of greater Mymensingh in past. But, it is a separate district now. According to the geographical area, it is an important city. Over the half of the population, who are reaching Dhaka frequently from Rangpur division and Rajshahi, they go through Tangail. Can’t you realize its important till now?

Dhaka to Tangail Train Schedule

One of the best ways to reach Tangail from Dhaka is a train journey. And the train service is also good on this road. And this is why we are here to provide train schedule from Dhaka to Tangail, ticket price and reversely from Tangail to Dhaka train schedule and ticket price also.

Dhaka to Tangail train list

There are numerous trains always running on the route. There you find so many intercity trains that always come and go on this route. Let’s see how many trains are there! All trains of this route:

  1. Sirajgonj Express
  2. Rangpur Express
  3. Dumkatu Express
  4. Nilsagar
  5. Chitra Express
  6. Padma Express
  7. Drutajan Express
  8. Silkcity Express
  9. Lalmani Express
  10. Sundarban Express
  11. Ekota Express

Dhaka to Tangail train schedule

In this time you already got know there are many trains to run from Dhaka to Tangail and vice versa. For the reason, you can travel each hour interval and even in a shorter interval. So, you can travel as your choice of time. All the trains are intercity and hopefully, you are going to get the best journey.

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
759Padma ExpressTuesdayDhaka11.10 PMTangail01.06 AM
751Lalmoni ExpressFridayDhaka10.10 PMTangail12.09 AM
757Drutajan ExpressWednesdayDhaka08.00 PMTangail10.04 PM
764Chitra ExpressMondayDhaka07.00 PMTangail09.00 PM
776SirajgonjSaturdayDhaka05.00 PMTangail07.35 PM
753Silkcity ExpressSundayDhaka02.40 PMTangail05.06 PM
705Ekota ExpressTuesdayDhaka10.00 AMTangail12.04 PM
765Nil Sagar ExpressMondayDhaka08.00 AMTangail10.20 AM
726Sundarban ExpressTuesdayDhaka06.20 AMTangail08.35 AM
769Dumkatu ExpressSaturdayDhaka06.00 AMTangail08.00 AM
551LocalNoDhaka11.40 AMTangail12.54 PM

Tangail to Dhaka train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
760Padma ExpressTuesdayTangail07.30 PMDhaka09.40 PM
752Lalmoni ExpressFridayTangail06.47 PMDhaka08.55 PM
758Drutajan ExpressWednesdayTangail04.08 PMDhaka06.10 PM
763Chitra ExpressMondayTangail03.20 PMDhaka05.40 PM
775SirajgonjSaturdayTangail07.58 AMDhaka10.15 AM
754Silkcity ExpressSundayTangail11.08 AMDhaka01.30 PM
706Ekota ExpressTuesdayTangail05.42 AMDhaka08.10 AM
766Nil Sagar ExpressMondayTangail04.52 AMDhaka07.10 AM
725Sundarban ExpressTuesdayTangail03.30 AMDhaka05.40 AM
551LocalNoTangail08.42 AMDhaka11.00 AM

Dhaka to Tangail Ticket Price

  • 2nd class general – 40 tk
  • 2nd class mail – 50 tk
  • Computer – 60 tk
  • Sulov – 75 tk
  • Shovon – 90 tk
  • Shovon chair – 150 tk
  • First seat – 175 tk
  • 1st birth – 140 tk
  • Snigdha – 210 tk
  • AC seat – 210 tk
  • AC birth – 315 tk

Attractions and notable information about Tangail

Tangail is widely known all over Bangladesh because of its chamcham sweet and Tangail Sarees.  Industries are growing in some of the regions under Tangail district and Gorai is notable of them.

The main economical source is agricultural products such as jute, potato, sugarcane, pulse, and so on. And the other source is foreign currency.

Some famous company such as Square pharmaceuticals and Nasir glassware has built their industry in Tangail region. After all, the district city is really important.

Bottom Line

We are at the last of this guide. Hopefully, this guide helps you greatly. The train journey is really comfortable and enjoyable than the bus journey. At the same time, it is quicker than the bus also. That is why people love the train journey!

Stay with us for all the latest information. Not only Dhaka to Tangail, here you find almost all train schedule of Bangladesh.

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