Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2020

Sylhet is a very beautiful city. The city is also one of the most important cities in Bangladesh. Sylhet is the 3rd ranked city of Bangladesh after Dhaka and Chittagong. Many people have to go Sylhet every day for many purposes such as going to the relative house, working purpose, study purposes, to the tourist places, and so on.

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule with Ticket Price 2019

There is one more way to go to Sylhet such as by road, railway, airway. The airway is the best and quick way to reach not only Sylhet and you can go anywhere quickly by airway. But, all the time it is not possible for everyone. That is why here we would like to give you the train schedule. Ticket price is reasonable and you can reach the destination quickly by train. Here, we publish Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule as well as ticket fare also.

List of the train Dhaka to Sylhet route

Dhaka-Sylhet route is one of the busiest railway routes of Bangladesh. A lot of people use the route as their travel medium. That is why enough trains are supplied to the route. Total 5 trains run on the route.

  1. Kalni Expres
  2. Surma Mail
  3. Parabat Express
  4. Joyontika Express
  5. Upaban Express

Dhaka to Sylhet Train Schedule

Different trains run at a different time naturally. Some of the train run at morning, some at evening, and some other run to the night. You can purchase any train ticket at which time you like most to travel. Some of the trains have one off day in a week but some run regularly. So, there is no off day to travel on this route at all.

TrainNo TrainName OffDay Departure From Arrival To
773 KalniExpress Friday 04.00PM Dhaka 10.45PM Sylhet
739 UpabanExpress Wednesday 09.50PM Dhaka 05.20AM Sylhet
717 JoyantikaExpress No 12.00PM Dhaka 07.40PM Sylhet
709 ParabatExpress Tuesday 06.35AM Dhaka 01.20PM Sylhet
SurmaMail No 10.50PM Dhaka 12.00PM Sylhet
TrainNo TrainName OffDay Departure From Arrival To
774 KalniExpress Friday 07.00AM Sylhet 01.55PM Dhaka
740 UpabanExpress No 10.00PM Sylhet 05.10AM Dhaka
718 JoyantikaExpress Thursday 08.40AM Sylhet 04.00PM Dhaka
710 ParabatExpress Tuesday 03.00PM Sylhet 09.55PM Dhaka
SurmaMail No 10.10PM Sylhet 10.05AM Dhaka

Dhaka to Sylhet Ticket Fare

By three sources you can collect the ticket. The most frequent way is to purchase the ticket from the railway station. You can book a seat before 7 days. The other two ways are internet and mobile. You can easily purchase a ticket from online and you can also buy the ticket by sending an SMS from our cell phone. Internet and mobile are the most flexible sources. Let’s take a look at the ticket price.

  • 2nd Class General – 80 tk
  • 2nd Class Mail – 110 tk
  • Comuter – 135 tk
  • Sulov – 160 tk
  • Shovon – 265 tk
  • Shovon Chair -320 tk
  • 1st Class Chair – 425 tk
  • 1st Berth – 640 tk
  • Snigdha – 610 tk
  • AC Seat – 736 tk
  • AC Berth – 1099 tk

This guide tells about the Dhaka to Sylhet train schedule and ticket price also. Many of the cities are connected to the Dhaka city by railway. You find almost all the train schedule here. The train journey is comparatively safe as well as enjoyable also. That’s the reason we recommend you train journey. You can share your experience and opinion also on this platform. Just come to the comment box and type.

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