Dhaka To Mymensingh Train Schedule and Train Ticket Price

Mymensingh is one of the eight divisions of Bangladesh. Of being a divisional city it has more importance than the other typical city, hasn’t it? Not only that, it is one of the largest city in Bangladesh also. Naturally, you may have many jobs in the city and that’s the reason you have to go Mymensingh sometimes.

There are two ways to reach Mymensingh by bus and another is by train. You can use the bus but it takes more times and you have to face jam on the road. On the side, when you need to reach within a limited time, you should avoid the bus.

So, the comfortable way is to use train service. By train, you can reach your any destination within estimated time and the journey is really enjoyable.

Dhaka To Mymensingh Train Schedule

Here, we are going to give you the information about Dhaka to Mymensingh train schedule, time, price, and everything you need. You also get to know every information how you comeback Dhaka from Mymensingh.

Dhaka To Mymensingh Train Schedule

Dhaka to Mymensingh train service is always available. A lot of trains are always coming and going at different times. Here, you find both intercity and mail train to go your destination. You will be happy to know that, there are many cities are connected to Dhaka via train but Mymensingh has the strongest connection to Dhaka we think.

Dhaka to Mymenshing intercity trains

  1. Aghnibina Express
  2. Hawr Express
  3. Titas Express
  4. Brahmaputra Express
  5. Mohongonj Express
  6. Jamuna Express

Dhaka to Mymensingh mail/ express trains

  1. Bolaka Computer
  2. Jamalpur Computer
  3. Dewangonj Computer
  4. Mohua Express
  5. Ishakhan Express

Dhaka to Mymensingh intercity trains schedule

Here you find all intercity and mail trains schedule. We also provide the time of departure from the station as well as arrival time. Some of the trains have off day per weak and you also get the information here. Take a look at the tables.

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
777Hawr ExpressWednesday11.50 PMDhaka06.10 AMMymensingh
707Tista ExpressMonday07.20 AMDhaka10.35 AMMymensingh
789Mohongonj ExpressMonday04.20 PMDhaka5.20 PMMymensingh
735AghnibinaNo09.40 AMDhaka12.37 PMMymensingh
745Jamuna ExpressNo04.40 PMDhaka08.00 PMMymensingh
743Brahmaputra ExpressNo06.00 PMDhaka09.20 PMMymensingh

Dhaka to Mymensingh mail trains schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
52Jamalpur ComputerNo03.40 PMDhaka06.15 PMMymensingh
48Dewangonj ComputerNo05.40 AMDhaka11.45 AMMymensingh
50Bolaka ComputerNo10.30 AMDhaka02.10 PMMymensingh
44Mohua ExpressNo08.10 AMDhaka02.50 PMMymensingh
40Ishakhan ExpressNo11.30 AMDhaka9.45 PMMymensingh
56Vawal ExpressNo09.00 PMDhaka05.40 AMMymensingh

Mymensingh to Dhaka intercity trains schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
777Hawr ExpressWednesday11.00 AMMymensingh02.15 PMDhaka
707Tista ExpressMonday5.10 PMMymensingh08.10 PMDhaka
789Mohongonj ExpressMonday03.02 AMMymensingh06.20 AMDhaka
735Aghnibina ExpressNo07.15 PMMymensingh10.35 PMDhaka
745Jamuna ExpressNo04.35 AMMymensingh07.40 AMDhaka
743Brahmaputra ExpressNo09.10 AMMymensingh12.30 PMDhaka

Mymensingh to Dhaka mail trains schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
52Jamalpur ComputerNo07.33 AMMymensingh11.15 AMDhaka
48Dewangonj ComputerNo03.33 PMMymensingh07.15 PMDhaka
50Bolaka ComputerNo01.45 PMMymensingh05.25 PMDhaka
44Mohua ExpressNo5.22 PMMymensingh9.25 PMDhaka
40Ishakhan ExpressNo12.00 PMMymensingh11.00 PMDhaka
56Vawal ExpressNo5.30 AMMymensingh11.45 AMDhaka

Dhaka to Mymensingh ticket price

  • 2nd class general – 35 tk
  • 2nd class mail – 45 tk
  • Computer – 55 tk
  • Sulov – 65 tk
  • Shovon – 110 tk
  • Shovon chair – 130 tk
  • First class chair – 175 tk
  • 1st birth – 260 tk
  • Snigdha – 248 tk
  • AC seat – 299 tk
  • AC birth – 443 tk

Tourist spots and attractions of Mymensingh

The peoples who live in the city and the students of Agricultural University frequently travel to Mymensingh. On the other hand, there are also some reasons peoples go there. In the divisional city, there have a lot of tourist places and a lot of people visit Mymensingh for the reason. Here I want to give you a short list of tourist places in Mymensingh.

  • Madhutila Eco Park
  • Zainul Abedin Museum
  • Mymenshing Museum
  • Birishiri Lake
  • Bipin Park
  • China Matir Pahar
  • Kadighar National Park
  • Agriculture Museum
  • Bauchapra Lake

Here is the short list of tourist spots and attraction of Mymensingh. Every year, a lot of people visit the places because the places are really nice.

We are just at the end of this guide. We give you train schedule, price and introduce you to the comfortable way to reach Mymensingh. Just look at the ticket price. There have many options for you. You may go at a low price as well as higher price also. The price is higher but affordable we think. Remember, the price is only high when you are in maximum comfort. Never forget to share us about your train journey.

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