Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule and Ticket Price

Joydebpur is a district city which is located in Dhaka division. The city is also attached to Dhaka. There is only 40 km distance between Dhaka to Joydebpur. So many people have to go either Dhaka to Joydebpur or Joydebpur to Dhaka for many purposes. Only two ways are used to travel between two cities, by bus and railroad.

It takes about 3-4 hours by bus. It should take 1.00 to 1.30 hours maximum but this is the reality that you need 3-4 hours to cross only 40 kilometers. Yes, it occurs because of traffic and road congestion. Isn’t there no way to reach Joydebpur within a short time?

Fortunately, Joydebpur is connected to Dhaka city via train. And almost every day you can travel between two cities by train. The train service is really good on this road and you can reach within 1.00 – 1.30 hours. The time is less than the halftime of the bus journey.

Dhaka to Joydebpur

Every day, some of intercity and mail trains come and go Dhaka to Joydebpur and vice versa. There also have trains that leave from Dhaka for Joydebpur and comeback Dhaka from Joydebpur twice per day. So, trains are available all day. Are you ready to go?

Dhaka to Joydebpur Train Schedule

Some of the trains come and go between Dhaka and Joydebpur and some other go to another destination but give stoppage in Joydevpur. On the other hand, some other come from another place and reach Dhaka via Joydebpur. We mention all the trains below.

Intercity trains

  1. Hawr Express
  2. Padma Express
  3. Lalmoni Express
  4. Drutajan Express
  5. Chitra Express
  6. Sirajgonj Express
  7. Jamuna Expres
  8. Silk City Express
  9. Ekota Express
  10. Nilshagar Express
  11. Sundarban Express
  12. Dhomkato Express

Mail/ Express trains

  1. Turag Express-4
  2. Turag Express-2
  3. Joydebpur Computer-4
  4. Joydebpur Computer-2
  5. Vawal Express
  6. Jamalpur Express
  7. Mohua Express
  8. Dewanganj Express
  9. Balaka Express

Dhaka to Joydebpur intercity train schedule

During all the day and night you can go from Joydebpur to Dhaka and vice versa. Whenever you need to go, you can go by train. Here we cover both schedules from Dhaka to Joydebpur and From Joydebpur to Dhaka.

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
777Hawr ExpressThursday11.50 PMDhaka12.49 AMJoydebpur
759Padma ExpressTuesday11.10 PMDhaka12.08 AMJoydebpur
751Lalmoni ExpressFriday10.10 PMDhaka11.10 PMJoydebpur
757Drutajan ExpressWednesday10.00 PMDhaka09.05 PMJoydebpur
764Chitra ExpressMonday07.00 PMDhaka08.00 PMJoydebpur
776Sirajgonj ExpressSaturday05.00 PMDhaka06.15 PMJoydebpur
745Jamuna ExpressNo04.40 PMDhaka05.55 PMJoydebpur
753Silk City ExpressSunday02.40 PMDhaka03.50 PMJoydebpur
705Ekota ExpressTuesday10.00 AMDhaka11.05 AMJoydebpur
765Nilshagar ExpressMonday08.00 AMDhaka09.17 AMJoydebpur
707Tista ExpressMonday07.30 AMDhaka08.30 AMJoydebpur
726Sundarban ExpressWednesday06.20 AMDhaka07.25 AMJoydebpur
769Dhomkato ExpressSaturday06.00 AMDhaka07.00 AMJoydebpur

Joydebpur to Dhaka mail train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
55Vawal ExpressNo09.20 PMDhaka10.32 PMJoydebpur
51Jamalpur ComputerNo03.40 PMDhaka04.40 PMJoydebpur
43Mohua ExpressNo08.15 AMDhaka09.22 AMJoydebpur
47Dewangonj ExpressNo05.40 AMDhaka06.48 AMJoydebpur
49Balaka ExpressNo04.45 AMDhaka05.47 AMJoydebpur
Turag Express-2Friday07.30 AMDhaka08.45 AMJoydebpur
Turag Express-4Friday07.10 PMDhaka8.3Joydebpur
Joydebpur Computer-2Friday10.45 AMDhaka12.00 AMJoydebpur
Joydebpur Computer-4Friday03.20 PMDhaka05.10 PMJoydebpur

Joydebpur to Dhaka intercity train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
777Hawr ExpressThursday12.53 PMJoydebpur02.15 PMDhaka
759Padma ExpressTuesday08.38 PMJoydebpur09.40 PMDhaka
751Lalmoni ExpressFriday07.58 PMJoydebpur08.55 PMDhaka
757Drutajan ExpressWednesday05.10 PMDhaka06.10 PMDhaka
764Chitra ExpressMonday04.40 PMJoydebpur05.40 PMDhaka
776Sirajgonj ExpressSaturday09.22 AMJoydebpur10.15 AMDhaka
745Jamuna ExpressNo06.24 AMJoydebpur07.40 AMDhaka
753Silk City ExpressSunday12.30 PMJoydebpur01.30 PMDhaka
705Ekota ExpressTuesday07.00 AMJoydebpur08.10 AMDhaka
765Nilshagar ExpressMonday06.05 AMJoydebpur07.10 AMDhaka
726Sundarban ExpressWednesday04.35 AMJoydebpur05.40 AMDhaka
769Dhomkato ExpressSaturday03.48 AMJoydebpur04.50 AMDhaka

Joydebpur to Dhaka mail train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
55Vawal ExpressNo09.42 AMDhaka11.35 AMJoydebpur
51Jamalpur ComputerNo08.10 PMDhaka09.15 PMJoydebpur
43Mohua ExpressNo08.07 PMDhaka09.25 PMJoydebpur
47Dewangonj ExpressNo05.45 PMDhaka07.15 PMJoydebpur
49Balaka ExpressNo04.18 PMDhaka05.25 PMJoydebpur
Turag Express-2Friday07.30 AMDhaka08.45 AMJoydebpur
Turag Express-4Friday07.10 PMDhaka08.30 PMJoydebpur
Joydebpur Computer-2Friday10.45 AMDhaka12.00 PMJoydebpur
Joydebpur Computer-4Friday03.20 PMDhaka05.10 PMJoydebpur

Dhaka to Joydebpur train ticket price

Ticket price depends on the category of the seat. But the price is between 15-60 tk. Only intercity trains offer standing tickets and which price is lowest. However, if you are a regular traveler on this road, you can collect a special ticket by which you can travel full month. You need to purchase the ticket once per month and you can travel during the full month. The ticket price is only 460 tk. If you are a regular traveler, it is really a good opportunity for you.


The train journey is always enjoyable and comfortable also. But, when compared to the bus ticket it is also reasonable. There is no balancing problem in train journey also. From every angle, the train journey is definitely better than the bus journey. Follow us to get the update information about the train journey. We are always working to keep you up to date. Thank you.

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