Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule With Ticket Price and All Train Lists

Dinajpur is a district city and it is one of the largest cities in Bangladesh. The city is situated at the northern part of Bangladesh. The city is known to Bangladesh for many historical places, medical college hospitals, and historical places.

Many people need to travel to the city for many purposes. But, it is really far away from Dhaka city. There are two ways to go Dinajpur, one is by bus and another by the railway. Bus service is also good but sometimes it takes more and more time. On the other hand, there are traffic jams on the road sometimes and travelers have to face many problems. As a result, the bus journey is too long.

Dhaka to Dinajpur Train Schedule

But, the train journey is always enjoyable and it takes less time than the bus journey. And the train journey is more comfortable than the bus journey. These are the reasons for preferring train journey.

List of the trains Dhaka to Dinajpur

In this route, there are only 2 trains that come and go. Though the train number is two, the trains are huge and equipped with modern facilities. Not so much people travel on this route and this is why the two trains are enough. Both of the trains are intercity and their services are really satisfiable.

Train list

  1. Ekota Express
  2. Drutojan Express

Dhaka to Dinajpur train schedule

There have only two trains in this route you know. For your traveling convenience one train leave from Dhaka at very morning and another leave from Dhaka at late morning. The schedules are adjusted such a time the travelers will reach to the destination at the right time.

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
705Ekota ExpressTuesday10.00 AMDhaka07.40 PMDinajpur
757Drutajan ExpressNo07.40 AMDhaka05.30 AMDinajpur

Dinajpur to Dhaka train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
706Ekota ExpressTuesday11.00 PMDinajpur08.10 AMDhaka
758Drutajan ExpressNo09.15 AMDinajpur06.10 PMDhaka

Dhaka to Dinajpur train Ticket price

  • Shovon – 360 tk
  • Shovon chair – 430 tk
  • First class chair – 570 tk
  • 1st birth – 855 tk
  • Snigdha – 822 tk
  • AC seat – 983 tk
  • AC birth – 1478 tk

Historical places and attractions in Dinajpur

Dinajpur is a really beautiful city and there are many historical places in Dinajpur. Every year many people visit Dinajpur and they come here to see and to know about the historical places well. Some of the historical places and attractions are more popular like as Goddess Bhairabi Temple, Goddess Kali Temple, Shopnopuri Artificial Amusement Park, Nayabad Mosque, Ramsagar National Park, Kantajew Temple. Have you ever gone there?


Dhaka to Dinajpur or Dinajpur to Dhaka is a really long journey. If the journey is not comfortable then the annoying condition may create. But, when the journey is comfortable then it is memorable also. Hopefully, the journey on this route is going to be an exceptional experience. Train service of this route is really good. What about your experience on this route train journey.

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