Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2019

Brahmanbaria is a district city under Chittagong division. The district is well known and very important in the perspective of Bangladesh. The city is connected to Dhaka by road and railway. Today, we are going to give the information about a train journey from Dhaka to Brahmanbaria and train schedule of Brahmanbaria to Dhaka also. If you are searching train schedule of this route, you are in the right place.

Brahmanbaria railway station is very crowded and busy station in Bangladesh. When you go to Comilla, Nowakhali, Sylhet, and Chittagong, you must go through the station. This is the district where Titas gas field is situated. This gasfield supply almost one-third gas demand of the country Bangladesh.

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2018

The important land port of Bangladesh, Akhaura is located in the district from where export and import is processed with India. Can you imagine, how much important the district is?

List of the train of Dhaka-Brahmanbaria

Brahmanbaria is an important station. The trains which run for Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla from Dhaka, they give a break on Brahmanbaria station. Every day there are some trains that run by this route and by the trains you can reach Brahmanbaria. Both intercity and mail trains are in the list of Dhaka-Brahmnabaria route.

Intercity train list

  1. Turna Express
  2. Mahanagar Express
  3. Upokul Express
  4. Joyantika Express
  5. Mahanagar Provati
  6. Parabat Express

Mail/ Express train list

  1. Karnafuli Express
  2. Chattala Express
  3. Comilla Express
  4. Titas Commuter
  5. Dhaka Mail
  6. Dhaka Express
  7. Chittagong Mail

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Train Schedule

Multiple numbers of trains come and go on this route and you can go Brahmanbaria by the trains. Some of the trains have one off day per week. But, every day you find one more train on this route. Let’s see the train schedules.

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
742Turna ExpressNo11.30 PMDhaka01.41 AMBrahmanbaria
722Mahanagar ExpreeSunday09.00 PMDhaka11.11 PMBrahmanbaria
712Upakul ExpreeTuesday03.20 PMDhaka05.30 PMBrahmanbaria
717Joyantika ExpressNo12.00 PMDhaka02.12 PMBrahmanbaria
704Mahanagar ProvatiNo07.45 AMDhaka09.45 AMBrahmanbaria
709Parabat ExpressTuesday06.35 AMDhaka08.30 AMBrahmanbaria

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria mail train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
4Karnaphuli ExpressNo08.30 AMDhaka12.30 PMBrahmanbaria
68Chattala ExpressTuesday01.00 PMDhaka03.30 PMBrahmanbaria
34Titas CommuterNo09.30 AMDhaka12.30 PMBrahmanbaria
2Chittagong MailNo10.30 PMDhaka04.30 AMBrahmanbaria
36Titas CommuterNo02.40 PMDhaka05.40 PMBrahmanbaria

Brahmanbaria to Dhaka intercity train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo 
741Turna ExpressNo03.19 AMBrahmanbaria05.25 AMDhaka
721Mahanagar ExpreeSunday04.39 PMBrahmanbaria07.00 PMDhaka
711Upakul ExpreeWednesday09.36 AMBrahmanbaria11.50 AMDhaka
718Joyantika ExpressThursday01.39 PMBrahmanbaria04.00 PMDhaka
703Mahanagar GodhuliNo07.09 PMBrahmanbaria09.10 PMDhaka
710Parabat ExpressTuesday07.44 PMBrahmanbaria09.55 PMDhaka

Brahmanbaria to Dhaka mail train schedule

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
2Chittagong MailNo01.28 AMBrahmanbaria07.25 AMDhaka
35Titas CommuterNo12.30 PMBrahmanbaria03.15 PMDhaka
1Dhaka MailNo03.54 AMBrahmanbaria06.55 AMDhaka
3Karnafuli ExpressNo03.52 PMBrahmanbaria07.45 PMDhaka
11Dhaka ExpressNo01.26 AMBrahmanbaria06.40 AMDhaka
67Chattala ExpressTuesday01.13 PMBrahmanbaria03.35 PMDhaka
89Comilla ExpressTuesday08.22 AMBrahmanbaria12.50 PMDhaka

Dhaka to Brahmanbaria Ticket price

  • 2nd class general – 40 tk
  • 2nd class mail – 50 tk
  • Commuter – 60 tk
  • Sulov – 75 tk
  • Shovon – 120 tk
  • Shovon chair – 145 tk
  • First chair – 190 tk
  • Snigdha – 240 tk
  • AC seat – 275 tk
  • First berth – 285 tk

There are enough trains on this route and there have both intercity and mail train. So, you can travel as your choice. The trains also give you the opportunity to opt any type seat anytime. So, all the procedure is quite easy to travel. Are you ready to make the journey by train? Don’t forget to share with us about this guide. How much helpful Dhaka to Brahmanbaria train schedule is!

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