Chitra Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2020

Chitra Express is an intercity train that runs on Dhaka-Khulna route on a regular basis. Khulna division has the strong communication with capital city Dhaka. The railway communication makes the relationship more strong between Dhaka and Khulna.

Chitra Express Train Schedule & Ticket Price 2019

In this route, there are only two intercity train runs regularly. One is Chitra Express and another in Sundarban Express. Service of both trains is really good. Both trains start the journey from Kamalapur rail station and their destination is Khulna.

The Chitra Express has 12 bogies which are very enough for peoples transport. The train has total 881 seats and it contains air-conditioned chair seats and air-conditioned cabin. Dhaka to Khulna is definitely a long journey that’s why comfortable seats are included in the train to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Train schedule

Chitra Express runs every day per week except Monday. Monday is off day for both stations. When Chitra express leaves Dhaka then its number is 763 and the number is changed to 764 when it comes to Dhaka. Take the eyes on its schedule.

Dhaka to Khulna


rain No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
763Chitra ExpressMonday07.00 PMKamalapur05.10 AMKhulna

Khulna to Dhaka

Train No.Train NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
764Chitra ExpressMonday08.30 AMKhulna06.30 PMKamalapur

Stoppages of Chitra Express

Chitra Express gives stoppages on the important stations during the journey from Dhaka to Khulna. Here we mention almost every stoppage with the departure time. This information helps you a lot when you are a passenger of this route.

StationDeparture Time
Kamalapur07.00 PM
Biman Bandar07.30 PM
Joydebpur08.00 PM
Mirzapur08.43 PM
Tangail09.10 PM
Bangabandhu Setu09.30 PM
SM Monsur Ali Station10.10 PM
Ullapara10.31 PM
Borial Bridge10.53 PM
Chatmohar11.05 PM
Ishurdi11.40 PM
Bheramara12.04 AM
Poradaha12.57 AM
Alamdanga01.17 AM
Chuadanga01.37 AM
Chandpur Court02.35 AM
Jessore03.40 AM
Noapara04.13 AM

Ticket Price

Chitra Express has three classes of seats. Price also varies according to the seats. Like as other trains, you’ve to purchase a ticket from the counter or you can purchase from online. The ticket price range is 465 tk to 1390 tk when you go Dhaka to Khulna. We mention here every stoppages ticket price for your convenience.

StationsAC Berth Ticket PriceSnigdha Ticket PriceShovon Chir Ticket Price
Joydebpur120 tk90 tk40 tk
Mirzapur235 tk130 tk80 tk
Tangail315 tk175 tk105 tk
Bangabandhu Setu375 tk210 tk125 tk
MM Mansur Ali Station620 tk345 tk210 tk
Ullapara670 tk375 tk225 tk
Chatmohar750 tk415 tk250 tk
Ishwardi810 tk450 tk270 tk
Bheramara955 tk530 tk320 tk
Alamdanga1035 tk575 tk345 tk
Chuadanga1075 tk600 tk360 tk
Jessore1260 tk700 tk420 tk
Khulna1390 tk775 tk465 tk

Chitra Express has a good reputation for its services. Almost all the time the train reaches every stoppage at the right time. You just need to present in the station at the right time and you never wait more time for Chitra Express. Seat categories are also different and you can purchase any seat ticket. The more ticket price, the more comfortable seat you will have. Wish you the best journey and share us your experience. Do you want to know anything more? Just comment.

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