Chattala Express Train Schedule, Dhaka to Chittagong

Chittagong is an important divisional city of Bangladesh and every day many people have to need to go to the city and they come back also. You may use the bus, airway, and train to go to Chittagong. But, most of the people who like railway like you use the railway. The train journey is always enjoyable and memorable.

Train service is available all day per week and there are many trains that run on the Dhaka-Chittagong route. But, today we are here to give you Chattala Express train schedule as well as ticket price also.

Chattala Express Train Schedule

If you search for Dhaka to Chittagong train schedule, you are on the right track. Keep reading, here you find all the information about Chattala Express what exactly you need.

Chattala Express Train Schedule

Chattala Express runs on the Dhaka-Chittagong route every day per week but it is not available on Tuesday. It takes about 8 hours to go from Dhaka to Chittagong and reversely from Chittagong to Dhaka. Here is the time schedule of Chattala Express.

Dhaka to Chittagong and Chittagong to Dhaka train schedule

Train NoTrain NameOff dayDepartureFromArrivalTo
68Chattala ExpressTuesday01.00 PMDhaka08.50 PMChittagong
67Chattala ExpressTuesday08.15 AMChittagong03350 PMDhaka

Stoppages and ticket price

The train gives breaks to some important stations. You can get down from the train to these stations and you can also get into the train for the forward stations.

Stoppage StationTicket Price 
Sulav1st Seat
Bhairab Bazar50 tkÿ125 tk
Brahmanbaria90 tk175 tk
Comilla125 tk250 tk
Laksham150 tk280 tk
Feni175 tk325 tk
Chittagong265 tk425 tk

Dhaka to Chittagong Ticket Price

There are many types of seats on the train and ticket price also vary depending on the seat categories. You can travel by the train from the ticket price 160 tk to 1093 tk.

  • Shulov – 160 tk
  • Shuvon – 285 tk
  • Shuvon Chair – 320 tk
  • 1st Class Seat – 425 tk
  • 1st Class berth – 635 tk
  • AC Class Seat – 731 tk
  • AC Class Berth – 1093 tk

Goods Carrying Limit

Chattala Express allows carrying some goods within the ticket price. A person having AC class ticket can carry up to 56 kg and the first class traveler can carry up to 37.5 kg goods. But, other travelers have the allowance lower limit. From 23 to 28 kg can be carried by the Shuvon class passengers. The authority arranges trolley to carry your luggage and goods.

Other Facilities of Chattala Express

Chattala Express provides some other facilities to their honorable passengers. Food compartment is also attached to the train so that you can take food when you feel hungry.

There are many closets on the train and you can use them anytime when you need to defecate. On the side, a first aid box is also supplied to the guard and you can use them if necessary. Muslim travelers need to take prayer in time. But, when you are on the journey, what will you do? Don’t be tense, the authority also arranges a prayer room and you can take prayer on the room in time.

Summerizing all the facilities we can say, Chattala Express gives you more than you need, isn’t it? Do you expect any extra service from a train?

Bottom Line

Really, Chattala Express service is quite good at all. On the other hand, the train also provides standing ticket after booking all seats. This is really a good opportunity for you indeed. If it does not provide standing ticket, many people should miss the train and ultimately they have to go to the destination to the next schedule. According to most of the people, Chattala Express train service is really appreciatable. What about your opinion?

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